Hancock Park Luxury Home Developer Robert Quigg Declares Bankruptcy

In what can only be considered as disastrous news for all involved, Hancock Park’s Major Luxury Home Developer Robert Quigg, who was in the process of restoring or newly building eight major Luxury Properties in Hancock Park, declared Bankruptcy on November 30. His properties included the following: (2 properties had already been sold so they were not included in the bankruptcy). The remaining had yet to be marketed with the exception of 347 S Arden Blvd that was marketed for some months earlier this year.

16-139252_12c085fa-2db3-4832-8ecb-c0166421c28f73 Fremont Place Sold for $6,600,000 on 8/23/2016. Tiny Huang of Quigg Realty represented both Quigg and the Buyer.
The home was 6300 Sq. Ft. on a 15,459 Sq. Ft. lot. Quigg purchased the home in 2014 for $3,150,000. He redid the home and added approx. 1700 Sq ft.

434 S Windsor Blvd Sold for $11,300,000 on 10/20/2016. Tiny Huang of Quigg Realty represented the Seller. The home was 10,600 Sq. Ft. on a 18,017 Sq. Ft. lot. Quigg purchased the home in July of 2014 for $4,120,000. He redid the home  and added 4300+ Sq. Ft.


347 S Arden Blvd

317 S Windsor Blvd

147 S Plymouth Blvd

344 S Rimpau Blvd

428 S June Street

366 S Hudson Avenue

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