Hancock Park Hi-End Sales Set Records

In the 1st 60 days of 2017,  7 homes have Sold in Hancock Park over 5 million. Never Before have we seen such numbers.  In 2016 none had sold over 5 million in that period.

1)165 S Hudson Ave – $9,500,000 Sold
2)435 S Plymouth Bl – $8,450,000 Sold
3)555 S Muirfield Rd – $7,880,000 Sold
4)251 S Windsor Bl – $6,950,000 Sold
5)370 N June St – $8,225,000 Sold
6)501 S Rossmore – $5,207,500
7)121 N June St – $5,310,000

Listed by & photos by 1.John Duerler Hancock Homes Realty 2.Alex Brunkhorst, Billy Rose & Blair Chang The Agency 3.Jon Grauman The Agency 4.Amy Davis Teles Properties 5.Tim Enright Enright Co. 6) Brenda Chandler Cooke Hilton & Hyland 7)Meg Ostrow

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I am a local Hancock Park Real Estate agent who has been successfully selling Hancock Park properties throughout the past 20+ years. I actively follow the market here and check out new listings and sales daily. I live in Hancock Park and also very actively follow the many cultural and dining and sports opportunties available to us. So this Hancock Park Today Blog will be about both Hancock Park Real Estate and exciting things to do both locally and in greater Los Angeles.
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