Hancock Park Estate Home Total is up 42% for 1st 6 Months

Hancock Park Estate Homes Sale Comparison for 1st 6 Months 2017 vs 2016

                # of sales      Highest Sale        Average Cost   Per Sq Ft       Total Sales  

2016               21               $6,990,000             $4,266,404             $746           $ 89,594,500

2017               27               $9,500,000             $4,721,747               $812           $127,487,175

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I am a local Hancock Park Real Estate agent who has been successfully selling Hancock Park properties throughout the past 20+ years. I actively follow the market here and check out new listings and sales daily. I live in Hancock Park and also very actively follow the many cultural and dining and sports opportunties available to us. So this Hancock Park Today Blog will be about both Hancock Park Real Estate and exciting things to do both locally and in greater Los Angeles.
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