Hancock Park is one of the most Beautiful Areas of Los Angeles. And because of its Central Location it is one of the most Convenient and Livable Areas in LA

The area generally referred to as Hancock Park is actually made up of Hancock Park to the west and Windsor Square to the east and Larchmont Village in between. There are about 1200 Estate Homes in the two areas combined. In addition there are smaller homes on the more westerly and easterly streets and on some blocks close to Larchmont Blvd. Larchmont is the commercial center of the area that is revered for its charming “Small Town atmosphere” in the middle of Los Angeles.

Hancock Park is home to Doctors, lawyers, CEOs and many in the Entertainment Business including a number of Celebrities who have moved here because of the magnificent architecture  from the 1910′s and the 1920′s, the oversize lots and the attractive prices.

Also more and more people are moving to Hancock Park because it is so conveniently located. This Blog has the latest  News on Area Restaurants, Shops, Galleries, Museums, Theaters and any other noteworthy events. These are updated on a regular basis.

Hancock Park was developed by G. Allan Hancock, in the 1920s. Outstanding architects of the era designed the palatial two-story, single family residences in various Period Revival styles (including Tudor Revival, English Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, Mediterranean Revival, Monterey Revival, and American Colonial Revival) for influential members of Los Angeles society. The vast majority of the  residences are set back 50 feet from the street, as insisted upon by G. Allan Hancock, and include side driveways generally leading though a porte cochere to a rear garage. Past prominent Hancock Park residents have included millionaire Howard Hughes.

Windsor Square was developed earlier than Hancock Park. Sometime between 1900 and 1910 a prominent financier named George A.J. Howard envisioned a beautiful tranquil park as a setting for family homes such as one sees in the English countryside in what was then a undeveloped and rural area about half way between the city center (now Downtown LA) and the coast. Howard pushed the early city fathers to make his vision come true, and in 1911, Mr. Robert A. Rowan was able to initiate a unique residential development and called it Windsor Square. Windsor Square was the first area in the city to have the power lines below grade, an extraordinary innovation for 1911. To make sure that the homes were significantly upscale as befitted the exceptionally beautiful setting, deed restrictions were set at a minimum cost of $12,550. per home, an enormous amount at the time. Many outstanding architects designed homes for the area including Paul Williams and A.C. Martin.




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