Buyers: Choose Linda Hindley to find you your Dream Home

The 10 qualities that make Linda Hindley a top Buyers’ Agent

1) I am  an active agent. I follow listing and sales activity on a daily basis and will contact you immediately when new properties come on the market.

2) I have 20 + years of experience and know the subtle differences of location and values and the history of most of the homes in the area.

3) I listen carefully when you tell me what kind of property you are looking for and I won’t waste your time showing you properties that are not appropriate or that don’t fit your requirements.

4) I am extremely easy to reach via cell phone, text and/or email…whichever way you prefer to keep in touch. 95% of the time I will answer your call. This lessens the frustration inherent in the purchase of a new home.

5) I am a strong, knowledgeable and experienced negotiator even in multiple offer situations. I was in Broadcast Advertising Sales & Management for 15 years prior to Real Estate. I have 35+ years of experience in negotiation.

6) I will be your one and only contact. I handle all aspects of the purchase including showing you properties, negotiating your purchase, handling inspections, finalizing the sale and closing the escrow. Dealing with “one easy to reach agent” lessens the frustration of dealing with the multiple agents of a team and/or assistants.

7) I am well-known, admired and well liked in the brokerage community for my knowledge, my professional manner, my success and my listings.

8) I am very knowledgeable about the inspection process which is such an important part of every purchase today. I know and recommend  the best and most thorough inspectors in Los Angeles.

9) I am knowledgeable and organized about paperwork required today and handle offers, counteroffers & disclosures in an easy and timely manner either with you in person or with the help of DocuSign.

10) I am a member of the #1 Top Performing Real Estate Office in the United States…..for many years including 2017….. Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills North with all the advantages and top agents that provides.

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